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4.0 Audit  Program

What is the 4.0 Audit about?


Are you company from Quebec, in need to undertake the digital shift and not knowing where to start? The 4.0 Audit Program is a good starting point to measure your digital maturity ; helping you identify and prioritize essential digital to support your company's strategic plan.



Who is eligible?

Businesses from all industries are eligible, including cooperatives and social economy organizations. 

Two ways to help you


Realize a dianosis and create a digital plan


Validation of your strategic and operational orientations


Definition and alignment of your business processes

Analysis of your digital maturity




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Plan the execution of your digital


Priorization of identified projects

Construction of specifications for each priority digital project

Functional and financial analysis of targered solutions

Selection of digital solutions

Planning of change management, as operational as human

Did you know that your digital transformation is eligible for a grant?


Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation subsidizes the 4.0 audit process up to 80% of eligible expenses, up to $20,000.


Talsom has been recognized as a 4.0 auditor by the MEI (Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation) since May 2020..

Would you like to have an assessment of your organization digital maturity?